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Start your immersive well-being journey!Start your immersive well-being journey!

Novobeing offers transformative VR experiences that transport users to  relaxing, meditative states that lead to enhanced mental clarity and inner peace.

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Types of Immersive Experiences

Immersive Meditations

Immersive Meditations

Unlock the healing power of your breath with meditation experiences that are tailored to your mood and stress levels and change your mental state on demand.

Interactive Classes

Live Classes

Join live expert-led classes and elevate your meditation and breathwork experience as you connect with a small group to deepen your relaxation and learn new techniques.

Our Roadmap

Early Access

Available on:
  • App Tutorial
  • 6 Wellbeing Experiences
  • 4 Proven Breathing techniques
  • Easy-to-use hand interactions
  • Mood and stress tracking
Launching May 15, 2023

Version 1

Available on:
  • Everything in early access
  • 4 more well-being experiences
  • Weekly live Meditation and Breathwork Classes
Launching May 21, 2023

Future Roadmap

  • 40 Immersive Well-being experiences
  • 10 Proven Breathing techniques
  • Mobile app for progress tracking and sessions on the go
  • Connect a smartwatch for progress tracking
  • Real-time heart rate analysis
  • Daily live meditation and breathwork classes
  • Live sessions with up to 100 people