A New Dimension in Wellness Technology

Empower your organization with transformative mental well-being programs, meditation and relaxation experiences using our innovative mixed reality platform.  

Shaping the Future of Wellness with forward thinking organizations

XR technology for Calmer and Healthier Environments

Our easy-to-use virtual and mixed reality platform helps companies  transform any room into a virtual wellness retreat making much needed mental wellbeing support engaging and accessible.

Patient Experience

Revolutionize your patient's experience with modern bedside support that can help you improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Workplace Wellbeing

Upgrade your office wellness rooms from a place people seldom visit to a virtual wellness oasis people can't want to visit.

Transform any space into a wellness retreat

One-of-a-kind Immersive Wellness Experiences


Immersive Breathwork & Mindfulness Meditation

Our multi-sensory experiences combine meditation, breathwork, music, and multisensory environments effortlessly guiding users toward deep relaxation and improved mental health in just a few minutes of use.


Science-Backed Mental Wellbeing Programs

Our programs deliver immersive wellness solutions based onCBT, ACT, and Positive Psychology. Designed to minimize distractions andmaximize engagement Novobeing offers an interactive way to reduce stress,elevate mood and enhance overall mental health.


Nature Relaxation Experiences

Drawing on the therapeutic power of nature, our Nature Relaxation experiences pair stunning natural vistas with soothing music playlists. This blend is crafted to naturally reduce stress, improve mood, and foster tranquility, promoting overall mental wellness.

As Seen in

Comprehensive Well-being Content

Science-Backed Programming

 We offer one of a kind immersive wellness solution based on gold-standard mental wellbeing modalities from leading research institutions that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Reduce Stress

Reduce stress effortlessly with Novobeing, where serene environments, incredible music and guided animations enhance mindfulness and breathwork for a more engaging experience.

Enhance Well-being

Boost well-being on-demand with Novobeing's science-backed programs that use interactive CBT, ACT and positive psychology teqchniques.

Key Features

Plug-and-Play XR Solution
for Enterprise Use

We offer a fully equipped package that includes easy-to-use software, an extensive content library on the latest Meta Quest 3 devices, noise-cancelling headphones, and all necessary accessories like cases, wall mounts, and ergonomic straps, supported by comprehensive operating and sanitizing protocols for streamlined deployment.

Integrated Platform

Our turnkey solution includes user-friendly software, essential hardware, and all necessary accessories, ensuring seamless deployment and operation inhealthcare and office environments.

Easy-to-Use Touch Interface

Our software is designed for ease of use, requiring no controllers or prior training. A user can simply put on the headset, do a quick tutorial and then select the type of experience they want to have.

On-Demand XR Experiences

With over 50 immersive wellness experiences users have the freedom to explore well-being practices on their own terms, anytime and anywhere. Whether it's a brief pause in a busy workday or a calming session amidst chemotherapy, our platform is designed to support wellness in any setting.

Enterprise Support

Our commitment to your success doesn’t end with installation. Enjoy comprehensive support and updates to ensure your Novobeing experience is always at the cutting edge.

Our Research


Novobeing's XR platform has undergone extensive development and testing at leading research institutions and is based on proven treatment protocols that work. Our immersive and transformative wellness experiences are designed to lower stress and boost well-being.

reduction in Anxiety
reduction in distress
Explore our solution for:

Enhanced Patient Experience

Revolutionize your patient's experience with modern XR wellbeing support that can help you improve outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Explore our solution for:

Enhanced Workplace Wellbeing

Upgrade your office wellness rooms from a place people seldom visit to a virtual wellness oasis people can't want to visit.

Spatial Computing is ready to scale

The Future of Health & Wellness is Immersive

Today's hardware advancements have made spatial computing both accessible and practical. With the evolution towards faster, more portable, and cost-effective devices, this once niche technology is now entering the mainstream. No longer just for games or entertainment, spatial computing is poised to revolutionize health and wellness.

Feedback from our customers

Hear what others are saying:

“Novobeing took me away from reality, and it took me to a place where I was just at peace and comfortable.”

Clinical Trial Participant

University of Calgary

"Novobeing has become my go-to virtual sanctuary for moments of tranquillity and self-discovery. The graphics are nothing short of mesmerizing, creating a visually stunning environment that immediately transports you to a place of calm."

Yuwen Wang

Meta Quest Verified Review

"I went from not being able to meditate more than a few times a week to meditating up to 3 times a day, given the multisensory feedback provided by the app, plus very good guidance, immersive music and stunning environments."

Andrea Bustamante

Founder, Authomata

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