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What is Novobeing?

Novobeing is an immersive well-being application that helps people manage stress, find clarity and feel their best. Novobeing offers a new type of self-care experience that fully immerses users into multisensory virtual experiences that quiet the mind, shift awareness to the present moment and generate positive thoughts and emotions.

How can Novobeing help me reduce stress and improve my well-being?

The Autonomic Nervous System is the network that controls our fight/flight ( Sympathetic ) and our rest and digest systems (Parasympathetic) system via the Vagus Nerve. Breathing exercises are scientifically proven to activate the Vagus Nerve and help the body relax reducing the body’s cortisol levels, blood pressure and feelings of tension and anxiety.

What is the science behind Novobeing?

Novobeing uses evidence-based breathing techniques for our meditation experiences and proven cognitive behavioural therapy treatment protocols for our self-care games and evidence-based well-being programs. Novobeing is partnered with 4 leading research hospitals and is conducting numerous clinical trials to improve our experiences and ensure they are effective.

Why use Novobeing vs. a 2D well-being app?

Novobeing fully immerses users into virtual environments designed to generate positive emotions, such as calmness, and joy and facilitates a true sense of presence. The immersion and interactivity accelerate learning and remove distractions while visual animations help users time their breathing and self-care games make complex therapy concepts actually fun.

What devices can run Novobeing?

Novobeing works on META Quest devices as well as PICO Neo 3 devices for our enterprise users. We are working towards adding more devices and being available on all major VR headsets.

What do I get for being an early adopter?

All early adopters get lifetime access to all new features for FREE until December 30, 2023. By supporting us early you will not have to worry about any membership subscription fees in the future.

What is Novobeing for Healthcare?

Novobeing for Healthcare offers a comprehensive solution that is designed to improve patient experience and well-being. With dedicated patient education, relaxation and meditation modules Novobeing can transform the experience of patients pre-procedure and or during prolonged hospitalization. You can learn more here

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