Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common inquiries about Novobeing and our XR platform.

General Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Novobeing and our technology: 

What is Novobeing?

Novobeing is a virtual and mixed reality platform that enables organizations to deliver on-demand immersive wellbeing and therapeutic experiences. By leveraging the latest XR hardware and our easy to use software we transform any room into a virtual wellness retreat making much needed mental wellbeing support engaging and accessible. Backed by rigorous clinical research and partnerships with premier hospitals, Novobeing stands at the forefront of the XR wellness industry, providing effective and engaging solutions that set new standards in mental health and well-being.

What kind of immersive experiences are included? 

Novobeing provides immersive experiences such as guided mindfulness sessions, breathwork exercises as well as a library of wellness content and therapeutic programs tailored to reduce stress and build resilience. Users can also relax in hyper-realistic natural environments such as tranquil beaches and serene forests while listening to relaxing music for a brief escape or distraction from stressful settings. Whether it's a brief pause in a busy workday or a calming session amidst chemotherapy, our platform is designed to be a tool for relaxation and stress relief. With over 50 immersive wellness experiences users have the freedom to explore well-being practices on their own terms, anytime and anywhere.

How does Novobeing improve Patient Experience?  

Novobeing transforms in-patient settings to improve the experiences of patients and their families during overnight stays or before and during medical procedures. By integrating into hospital rooms, Novobeing provides therapeutic and wellness content proven to reduce stress, alleviate pain, and promote overall well-being. This leads to improved patient satisfaction and potentially faster recoveries and shorter hospital stays, reducing healthcare costs and optimizing healthcare utilization.

How does Novobeing Enhance Workplace Wellbeing?

Novobeing enhances workplace wellbeing by transforming office wellness rooms into virtual wellness retreats that offer employees on-demand access to stress-relief and mental health support.  Novobeing allows employees to take short, effective breaks that rejuvenate their minds and reduce burnout, fostering ahealthier, more resilient workforce. By making wellness accessible andengaging, Novobeing helps organizations cultivate a positive work culture, enhance employee satisfaction, and productivity.

How does the platform work?

Organizations purchase a Novobeing license and receive a pre-loaded Meta Quest 3 headset and all necessary accessories like wall mounts, cases and instructions. Once set up end-users simply wear the headset to access a variety of therapeutic and wellness experience using our easy-to-use mixed reality touch interface. Each experience is optimized to minimize distractions and maximize engagement, ensuring users can fully immerse themselves without any needed training. With Novobeing, organizations can effortlessly implement a high-impact wellness solution that is both scalable and cost-effective.  This innovative approach makes Novobeing a transformative tool in advancing mental health support in in-patient hospital settings or in any wellness room.

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Usability Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about the Novobeing platform.

What are the operational protocols for Novobeing in healthcare settings?

Operational protocols include detailed guidelines on device setup, use, and maintenance tailored for healthcare environments. These protocols cover everything from the initial installation and daily operation to the integration of Novobeing into patient care plans, with specific steps to ensure that the use of the XR devices enhances patient experiences without disrupting standard care practices.

How do you ensure the sanitation of the Novobeing devices?

To maintain high standards of hygiene, Novobeing devices come with comprehensive sanitizing protocols. Each headset and accessory is equipped with materials suitable for effective cleaning and is designed to be sanitized between uses using approved disinfectant wipes or solutions, ensuring safety and cleanliness for all users.

What should I do if a Novobeing device is not functioning properly?

Troubleshooting guidance is provided with all Novobeing systems. In case of technical difficulties, users are advised to refer to the troubleshooting section of the operational manual, which includes common issues and step-by-step solutions. For more complex problems, our technical support team is available to assist via phone or email, ensuring minimal downtime and maintaining a seamless user experience.

Where can Novobeing be used?

In healthcare facilities, Novobeing can be installed in in-patient settings with headsets conveniently mounted on walls beside patient beds or stored in designated rooms, ensuring easy access for patients and caregivers. This setup provides therapeutic support right at the bedside, aiding in patient recovery and comfort during hospital stays. Additionally, Novobeing can be integrated into any wellness room, helping employees engage in stress-relieving activities during their workday.

How is Novobeing set up in a wellness room?

Setting up Novobeing in a wellness room involves mounting the headset on the wall and providing your team with instructions and live demos so everyone isup to speed. The setup is designed to be straightforward, with clear instructions on how to ensure the devices are ready for use and easily accessible to employees seeking a virtual wellness break.

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XR Technology

Discover answers to frequently asked questions about our immersive technology and hardware.

What is XR technology?

XR technology, or extended reality technology, refers to immersive technologies that combine virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) to create interactive and immersive experiences.

How does XR technology work?

XR technology works by using headsets or other devices to create a virtual environment or overlay digital content onto the real world. It tracks the user's movements and provides interactive experiences through visual, auditory, and sometimes haptic feedback.

What are the benefits of XR technology?

XR technology offers numerous benefits, including enhanced learning experiences, improved training simulations, increased productivity, immersive entertainment, and therapeutic applications in healthcare and well-being.

Can XR experiences cause nausea and Dizziness?

Our experiences are tailored to alleviate common XR tech discomforts like nausea and dizziness, enhancing patient comfort through engaging yet gentle experiences.
However, it is important to take breaks, use devices for no longer than 1 hour, and be aware of any potential side effects or discomfort that could vary person to person.

How do you ensure the reliability and maintenance of devices over time?

Novobeing devices are built with durability in mind, and our operational protocols include regular maintenance checks to ensure long-term functionality. Maintenance guidelines are provided to all Novobeing clients, detailing regular cleaning, software updates, and hardware inspections to prevent issues and extend the lifespan of the devices. Additionally, our customer service team provides ongoing support and service to address any maintenance needs including fast device replacements.

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Set up and Instalation

Find answers to common questions about integrating Novobeing into your space.

How to set up?

Setting up Novobeing is a simple process. Our team will guide you through the installation and provide full technical support. You'll have your space transformed into a wellness retreat in no time.

What is onboarding?

Onboarding with Novobeing involves familiarizing yourself with our XR platform and its features. Our team will provide training and support to ensure a smooth integration into your organization.

What can I expect?

By integrating Novobeing into your space, you can expect a transformation in the atmosphere, creating a calmer and more relaxing environment. Users will have access to immersive wellness experiences and science-backed programs.

How does it work?

Novobeing utilizes spatial computing technology to create immersive wellness experiences. Our XR platform combines virtual reality, meditations, calming environments, and soundscapes to enhance well-being.

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Payment and Billing

Find answers to common questions about billing, subscriptions, and payment options.

How do I pay?

We offer multiple payment options, including credit card and PayPal. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Simply go to your account settings and follow the cancellation process.

Is there a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free trial period for new customers. You can try out our service and see if it meets your needs before committing to a subscription.

How can I upgrade?

To upgrade your subscription, simply go to your account settings and select the plan you wish to upgrade to. Your new subscription will be activated immediately.

What if I need help?

If you need any assistance or have further questions, our support team is available 24/7 to help you. You can reach out to us through the contact information provided.

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