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About novobeing

About Novobeing

Novobeing is a digital health company that is revolutionizing stress management and self-care through the use of virtual reality well-being experiences. Novobeing fully immerses users into multisensory virtual experiences that are designed to quiet the mind, shift awareness to the present moment and generate positive thoughts and emotions.

Our platform combines practical mindfulness exercises, breathing techniques, and gamified cognitive behavioural therapy to make self-care easy and fun.

Novobeing offers an enterprise version for stress reduction in pre-procedure and prolonged hospitalization settings and a general-use version on the META Quest store.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to manage stress and feel their best with immersive well-being experiences. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy optimal health, and we aim to make that possible using our technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a world where chronic stress is no longer the default setting for millions of people. We aim to make this vision a reality by offering immersive well-being experiences that are accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Our History

Novobeing, formerly Rocket VR Health was founded in 2020 with a simple yet ambitious goal: to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging the power of virtual reality technology. Co-founders Sid Desai and Nik Vassev saw a need for more engaging and personalized digital health interventions and set out to create innovative solutions using VR. Since then, Novobeing has developed a range of VR well-being solutions for use within healthcare and partnered with top institutions to conduct clinical research.

Today, we are committed to making our VR solutions accessible to all, and with the launch of our META Quest wellbeing application, we hope that everyone can benefit from the unique benefits of Novobeing immersive well-being experiences.

Award-Winning Technology

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Our History

Our Team

Sid Desai Co-Founder & CEO
Sid Desai
Nik Vassev Co-Founder & COO
Nik Vassev
Mitya Sorkin CTO
Mitya Sorkin
Pavel Firsov Product Manager
Pavel Firsov
Jeff Kim Creative Director
Jeff Kim
Dr. Marianne Cottin Clinical Director
Dr. Marianne Cottin
Everett Crosland Digital Therapeutics Advisor
Everett Crosland
Paul JoffeProduct Development Advisor
Paul Joffe
Micheal PottsVR Environment Development Advisor
Micheal Potts

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