Celebrating Transformation: Rocket VR Health Evolves into Novobeing

Novobeing emerges as the new name and brand, signalling a transformative shift in VR digital therapeutics. Learn about our invaluable insights from research studies and collaborations with cancer patients, propelling our expansion beyond hospitals. Explore immersive well-being solutions designed to empower individuals and unlock their limitless potential. Join us on this extraordinary journey towards a new era of well-being with Novobeing.

April 15, 2024

Rocket VR Health's Transformation to Novobeing

In early May our company took a significant leap forward and Rocket VR Health transformed into Novobeing. We were thrilled to unveil our new brand alongside a captivating logo and a refreshed website. This comprehensive rebranding effort reflects our expanded focus on non-clinical wellness applications, propelling us into the future of VR digital therapeutics.

Why we re-branded? 

The decision to rebrand from Rocket VR Health to Novobeing was driven by our desire to align our brand identity with our expanded vision and mission. While Rocket VR Health successfully established us as pioneers in the field of virtual reality digital therapeutics, we recognized the need to encompass a broader spectrum of well-being applications beyond clinical settings. The rebranding allows us to communicate our commitment to accessible and transformative solutions that empower individuals to live healthier, happier lives. Novobeing represents a fresh start, a symbol of personal growth and evolution, and embraces the limitless potential of virtual reality technology to create positive change. This rebranding not only strengthens our position in the industry but also enables us to connect with a wider audience and drive innovation in the field of VR digital therapeutics.

Our Journey

Leading up to this rebranding we have built a robust library of evidence based immersive solutions and have gained invaluable learnings from our research partners and experiences working closely with cancer patients and clinitians in a hospital setting. This early work and research studies have provided us with deep insights into the power of virtual reality in improving mental health and overall well-being. Through our co-development of a VR Distress Management digital therapeutic in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital to our clinical trials and collaborations with other renowned healthcare institutions, we have witnessed the profound positive impact our digital therapeutics have on patients awaiting procedures and enduring long hospital stays.

This early work has not only validated the positive effects of our virtual reality solutions but also fueled our passion to expand beyond the hospital setting. We have seen first hand how our immersive experiences,combining meditation, breathwork, cognitive behavioral therapy, and other proven modalities, can significantly reduce distress and anxiety among cancer patients. Witnessing the transformative effects and amazing feedback has inspired us to make these solutions accessible to a wider audience.

Our Vison

Our vision is for a world where chronic stress is no longer the default setting for millions of people. We aim to make this vision a reality by offering immersive well-being experiences that are accessible to anyone, anywhere. We aim to empower individuals to manage stress and feel their best with immersive well-being experiences. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy optimal health, and we aim to make that possible using our technology.

Our rebranding to Novobeing signals a profound shift in our corporate vision, as we commit to bringing our ground-breaking solutions beyond the confines of the hospital walls and into the lives of a broader audience. Our dedication to accessibility is exemplified by the imminent launch of our immersive well-being application on the META Quest store, enabling more people to experience our transformative solutions.

The name Novobeing encapsulates the essence of personal transformation—an evolution of our users into a "new" individuals capable of navigating life's challenges with enhanced ease and resilience whether they are in the hospital of at home. This new name underscores our unwavering commitment to providing immersive well-being solutions that empower individuals to live healthier and happier lives.

Now, with the imminent launch of Novobeing, we are proud to announce that our well-being application will feature an array of non-clinical content, tailored to enhance the lives of individuals seeking stress reductionand self-care. Through our research and learnings, we are of the belief that optimal health and stress reduction should be accessible to everyone, not just patients in clinical settings.

Join us on this extraordinary journey towards a new era ofwell-being, where virtual reality becomes a catalyst for personal growth andempowerment.

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