Dive into Well-Being: Novobeing's VR App Now on Meta Quest!

Experience stress relief and well-being transformation with Novobeing's VR app on Meta Quest. Discover immersive relaxation, mindfulness, and more – all in one app!

April 15, 2024

Hey there, fellow well-being enthusiasts! We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We are taking well-being to the next level with our brand-new VR app, now available on the Meta Quest platform.

Are you ready to embark on a journey towards relaxation, stress relief, and mental clarity like never before?

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Experience Stress Relief in VR

Picture this: You put on your VR headset, and instantly, you're standing on the pristine shores of a sun-kissed beach. The soft, golden sands underfoot and the rhythmic lull of the ocean waves create an instant sense of tranquility. The 360-degree visuals make you feel like you're truly there, providing an immersive escape from the daily hustle and bustle. It's a level of immersion that simply can't be matched by traditional meditation methods.

In our VR app, we've combined stunning beachfront visuals with the soothing sounds of gentle waves, creating a multisensory experience that engages not only your mind but also your senses. The visuals are designed to be captivating, yet not overwhelming, helping you stay focused and relaxed. With every breath, you'll feel like you're journeying deeper into a serene world of well-being.

Create Your Meditative Oasis

In our virtual environments, you'll discover an oasis of calmness. We've combined immersive music with clear visual and audio cues, creating the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Leave behind the distractions of the outside world and fully embrace the present moment. It's a game-changer compared to the run-of-the-mill audio-only well-being apps out there.

While traditional mindfulness meditation asks you to close your eyes and focus on your breath, Novobeing's VR app takes it a step further. As you sit by the shore, you can observe the ebb and flow of the tide or the seagulls gliding gracefully overhead. These visual cues help anchor your mindfulness practice, making it easier to stay present and fully immerse yourself in the moment.

Breathwork is an integral part of well-being, and Novobeing's VR app transforms this practice. Instead of trying to time your breath to audio only, you can actually see your breath animated. As you inhale deeply, you might notice the gentle swaying of palm trees or the shimmering reflection of the sun on the water. It's a beautiful and intuitive way to connect with your breath, making the experience more dynamic and engaging.

Sample Novobeing Environments

Why Novobeing?

We get it – life can be crazy, and stress can be overwhelming. That's why we're on a mission to upgrade the way you enhance your well-being.

"In today's fast-paced world, stress has become an overpowering influence impacting the health and happiness of millions of people," says our Co-founder and CEO, Sid Desai. "By merging scientifically-proven stress reduction methods with cutting-edge VR technology, we're upgrading the way people enhance their well-being."

A Commitment to Science

For over two years, we've dedicated ourselves to developing our technology in close collaboration with clinicians and researchers. Every Novobeing experience is evidence-based and firmly grounded in scientific principles.

For over two years, we've been on a remarkable journey, pouring our hearts into the development of Novobeing's technology. But it's not a solo mission – we've had the privilege of working closely with a network of experienced clinicians and dedicated researchers.Our collaborative approach is what sets us apart. We believe that to truly enhance well-being, it's essential to ground our experiences in scientific principles. This means that every Novobeing experience you encounter has been rigorously crafted, tested, and perfected with the help of these incredible experts.

Right now, we're in the midst of three exciting clinical trials, conducted in partnership with prestigious institutions like Massachusetts General Hospital, Penn Medicine, and the University of Calgary. These trials are more than just experiments – they're journeys toward excellence.

Shaping the Future of Health and Wellness in the Metaverse

Why do we do this? Because we're not content with the status quo. We believe in pushing boundaries and breaking new ground in the world of digital health. These trials are our compass, guiding us as we constantly strive to enhance our offerings and make a real impact in the field of well-being. So, as you embark on your Novobeing well-being journey, know that you're not just experiencing a virtual oasis; you're participating in a living, breathing testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in the pursuit of well-being.

Our dedicated team is hard at work, tirelessly expanding our range of well-being experiences, diverse environments, and captivating live sessions. We want to ensure that every time you step into Novobeing's virtual realm, there's something new and exciting waiting for you.

We're not just confined to the virtual world – we're venturing into the realm of mixed reality. Imagine a world where your physical surroundings blend seamlessly with the virtual, enhancing your well-being journey in ways you've never imagined. That's what our mixed reality mode is all about, and it's coming your way soon.

We understand that well-being shouldn't be limited to a single device. That's why we're working on a mobile companion app that will allow you to carry a slice of Novobeing with you wherever you go. It's well-being at your fingertips, available whenever you need it. Stay tuned for what's next because well-being with Novobeing is a journey that keeps on getting better!

Get Novobeing for Free

We're offering Novobeing for free on the Meta Quest App Lab as we value your feedback and insights. Early adopters who sign up will enjoy free lifetime access to Novobeing, all while actively contributing to the app's future development. So, what are you waiting for?

Dive into well-being with Novobeing's VR app on Meta Quest! 

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