How to Download Novobeing on Quest 2 and Get Started with SideQuest

Immerse yourself in immersive virtual environments that promote mindfulness, positivity, and well-being with Novobeing. Discover how to get started with Novobeing on SideQuest and unlock a transformative journey to enhance your mental and emotional state.

April 15, 2024

With Novobeing, you will be transported into immersive virtual environments that engage your senses, promote mindfulness, and cultivate positive thoughts and emotions. While our app is still in beta and we are awaiting to be approved in the META Quest store you can get Novobeing on the Sidquest Store and in this article, we will show you how you can get started. 

What is SideQuest? 

SideQuest is a place to get more apps for standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest and is the best way to enjoy some cutting-edge content in VR as well as expand the capability of your standalone VR headset. 

SideQuest boasts an impressive content library that spans various categories and is by far the best “new app” discovery portal for virtual reality. From captivating multiplayer games to game mods for popular titles like Beat Saber, SideQuest offers an array of options to enhance your VR experience empowering you to explore new horizons.

Installing SideQuest:

To begin, visit the Get Started page on the SideQuest website and choose between the Easy or Advanced installer. For most users, the Easy version is recommended unless you require specific features like manually installing APK files or PC game installations. Follow the installation instructions provided by SideQuest to set up the program on your Quest.

If you prefer video instructions this great tutorial by Disco VR that will walk you through it: 

Getting set up as a developer:

Before using SideQuest, you'll need to enable developer mode on your Quest. Don’t worry you don’t need to pass a Unity Engine coding test or something like that. All you have to do is just register as a developer with Meta by visiting and creating an organization. Then enable developer mode on your Quest by accessing the Quest app on your phone, going to Headset Settings, and turning on developer mode.

Installing SideQuest on your Quest:

After enabling developer mode, connect your Quest to your computer with a USB cable and power it up ( really reminds you of the good old iPod days ). Allow USB debugging and data transfer prompts that appear on your Quest. If using the Advanced version of SideQuest, you can now install apps from the SideQuest computer client. Alternatively, you can install a version of SideQuest directly on your Quest by following the prompts in the SideQuest setup UI.

Using SideQuest to install Novobeing: 

You can also download and install apps directly from the SideQuest UI. Visit our download page and download Novobeing! Make sure your headset is connected via USB, click the Download app (sideload) button, and SideQuest will handle the installation process. 

You are all set! 

Once Novobeing is installed on your Meta Quest 2, you'll have the power to immerse yourself in captivating VR environments specifically designed to enhance well-being. These experiences are carefully crafted to quiet the mind, shift your awareness to the present moment, and generate positive thoughts and emotions. Novobeing's revolutionary approach ensures that each session becomes a gateway to a rejuvenated mind and a refreshed perspective on life.

To find the newly downloaded Novobeing in your Quest go to App Library, and select Unknown Sources. From there, you can play the application and enter a new dimension of self-care and get transported into immersive virtual environments with uplifting music, meditations, breathing techniques, and interactive activities that bring you relaxation, calm, and flow.

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